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A friendly, fun & highly-experienced artist who will always put you first 
My signature romantic style is expressed through timeless dreamy digital and film photographs that capture the natural glow and radiance of your love. 
In my fifteen years photographing weddings around the world, I've honed the ability to make couples of all kinds feel comfortable, confident and - most importantly - to have fun in front of the camera! 
If you’re seeking​ a service-oriented artist with an easygoing nature to give you the gorgeous photos you've always dreamed of, then I hope you'll click the button below to learn more about my bespoke approach.

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Picture of the Week ~ Riding in on a White Horse


Wedding Photography

I love photographing Indian Weddings. Multiple days of celebration and traditions. One is those where the groom to be rides in on a white horse. Even in modern times some traditions live and I must says this is one that I love to photograph. Usually the groom rides in to his new brides village where […]

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