Starting out my career in NYC as a graphic designer and art director, which  had taken me from ice cream and beer to the fashion world, working on some of the top brands. All of which taught me about composition and working under pressure. After a life changing trip, I decided it was time to explore the world and have an adventure. 
I take each of my clients weddings with care as I know that your wedding day is the start of a wonderful adventure.
I tell you this as it helps me, help you capture your own story with care, creativity and emotion. 

You’re here and that makes my heart sing!

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I love spending quality time with family and friends. Drinking some wine, reminiscing over old memories and creating new ones. So it really doesn’t matter what’s for dinner per se, it’s about the company, wine and dessert that ends with something chocolate is the best!


I love receiving messages from my couples saying how much we captured during their day. Details and events that they never even knew what was going on.

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 I love reading Historical Novels, hanging out at the beach listening to the waves crash along the shore line and pretend to surf.



Taking a day to myself, whether it’s binging out on Netflix or Hulu, even when it’s a gorgeous day in paradise.

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I have traveled to Havana, Cuba - Twice! Havana is like traveling through time. A wonderful city for its architecture, vintage cars and people. Florence, Italy ~ Seriously, I died and went to heaven. A lifelong dream of traveling to Florence for the art, the history and of course the art! Ok, OK, the food and wine too. Paris, and Provence. I loved traveling through the countryside of Provence. The beauty is unrivaled anywhere I’ve been. So many across the USA my most current trip was a road trip with my mother through the Blue Ridge Parkway.

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You’re here and that makes my heart sing. I can not wait to get to know you better.

Seriously, I do. I truly believe that I am documenting one of the most important days of your life as two families become one. 

You know you need to hire a photographer but, you may not know the real reason as to why. I hear never and over again from my couples that their day flashes before them and next thing they know they’re on a plane jet setting to their honeymoon.

I understand the value and importance of documenting your wedding day as it’s your family’s first heirloom. This is why I strive to take pictures that will allow you to fully relive your wedding day as if you had caught every moment. From getting ready to traditional poses (and everything in between) my goal is to give you a full narrative of your day fto bring you back to the way you felt about each other.

Communication is very important to me as well, the more details I know about you and your wedding day, allows me to create images for you to relive your wedding day over and over again. 


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