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My signature romantic style is expressed through timeless dreamy digital and film photographs that capture the natural glow and radiance of your love. 
In my fifteen years photographing weddings around the world, I've honed the ability to make couples of all kinds feel comfortable, confident and - most importantly - to have fun in front of the camera! 
If you’re seeking​ a service-oriented artist with an easygoing nature to give you the gorgeous photos you've always dreamed of, then I hope you'll click the button below to learn more about my bespoke approach.

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Destination Hawaii Wedding ~ Waikiki


Wedding Photography

There are few places to get hitch on the beautiful shore of Waikiki believe it or not. One of them is Duke’s beach behind the Hilton Hawaiian Village. It doesn’t seem like the likely spot to get married with it’s parking lot, large buildings in the background and small beach but, it has one of […]


In Love ~ Picture of the Week



Matais + Mayu had their fabulous Hawaii Destination Wedding at the Hilton Hawaiian Village recently where we captured this tender moment between them. Jeannemarie is a wedding photographer specializing in destination weddings in Hawaii.


Wedding Traditions ~ The Cake


wedding traditions

Being the curious girl that I am, I went ahead and googled “Romans Sharing Cake”…and what popped up on browser was super interesting and sparked my interest in where wedding traditions came from. So with that I’m going to feature a wedding tradition here. Let me know if there’s one you’re interested in.

Miki + Rob ~ Hilton Hawaiian Village


Hawaii Wedding

We met up with Miki + Rob before their wedding like I would for any of my couples. What I was impressed with Miki was how well organized she was! She showed up with pictures of her wedding party and family members with them all labeled and she handed it to me for my reference.

Emily & Max: The Twitter Proposal (Twitter History)


Wedding Photography

You may not know but, the Library of Congress will be archiving every Tweet since it starting in March of 2006. I found this quite facinating since there are about 50 billion tweets out there and I send out my fair share. On to my part in history… Unsuspecting little ‘ol me, last spring received […]

Jeanette & Theron


Wedding Photography

My assistant Sean and I met up with Jeanette & Theron at the Hilton Hawaiian Village for a pre-ceremony portrait session.  What I love about pre-ceremony sessions is we get to spend some quality time together and create some fun images.  We headed off to Paradise Cove for the ceremony and Luau. It was a […]

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