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17 Essential Items to Pack for Your Hawaii Destination Wedding and Honeymoon

Destination Wedding

February 20, 2019


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It’s time to finally get pack your bags and head off to your Hawai’i wedding and honeymoon.

Packing for any vacation can be an overwhelming and dreaded task by many and heading to an island in the middle of the ocean can be exceptionally so. Besides the obvious things you’ll need for your wedding day, here is my list of the 17 essential items you’ll want to take with you. Get the downloadable pdf here.

In case you forget anything, Hawaii does have regular drug stores/pharmacies such as Long’s (CVS and Walgreen’s).

Bringing a ton of luggage with you can be well heavy… If you are planing on bring favors and welcome bag items with you, how about looking into shipping these items a bit early via UPS. If you’re staying at a resort, they’ll be happy to accept your packages and hold them for you. Just be sure to contact someone in the sales office on how to address your packages and where they’ll be held.

A wedding day is exciting as it is stressful as you want it to be PERFECT! For all the little emergencies download my “43 Must Have Items to Have in Your Wedding Day Survival Kit” to ensure that your are ready for anything on your big day.

My favorite travel guides for all the Hawaiian Islands are the Revealed series. This series is what I used when I first traveled here and I actually still use them!

Oahu Revealed

Maui Revealed

Kauai Revealed

Hawaii Revealed

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Checked Luggage

1. Travel Guide(s):

My favorite travel guides for all the Hawaiian Islands are the Revealed series

2. Sun Glasses: 

A pair with Polarized lenses are best for the bright Hawaiian sun.

3. Packing Cubes

To help with my packing challenges, I recently discovered packing cubes! I was totally apprehensive at first but found a 4 piece set from Florious. What I love about this company is they make their cubes from recycled materials so you’ll be helping keep the landfills a little less full while you stay organized. You can buy them from Amazon here These cubes are great for organizing tops, bottoms, underwear and I use the smallest one for my cords, chargers and jewelry and put it in my carry-on.

4. Reef Safe Sunscreen:

Even out and about exploring the islands in the intense Hawaii sun and playing in the water, Reef Safe Sunscreen is a must. (reef safe as it is now the law of the land to help protect our natural resources) bring a bottle of aloe too (incase you sun burned)

5. Two Swim Suits

You’ll be playing in the water a lot. One can dry while you swim in the other


Rash Guard and reef shoes

6. Packable Straw Hat

A hat is essential to keep from getting sunburned while touring around the island, shopping or the day at the beach

7. Slippers and Sandals:

AKA: Flip-flops I love Olukai’s for casual outings and the beach

A pair of sandals for evenings out

8. Evening Dress (Maxi Dress or skirt)

Bring one or two nice outfits with you. No sequins needed 90% of the restaurants are casual but I do like to feel pretty when I go out for an evening cocktail and dinner. A maxi dress or skirt with a pretty top will work

9. Toiletries: 

Shampoo/conditioner, Anti-perspirant, Face wash. Facial moisturizer. Toothbrush & toothpaste , Make up and remover, Tampons/liners, Hair spray

10. Zip-Lock Bags

I use them to put my phone, headphones and anything else I don’t want to get wet while out and about or my wet bathing suit if we’re out driving around.

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Carry on

11. Medications:

Remember to bring any prescription meds with you.

12. Important Documents:

Print out all confirmations and itineraries, make copies of DL Insurance cards, and credit cards (front & back). Put a copy in a separate part of your luggae and upload them to Dropbox (I send them to my mother too). 

Organize copies in to a Travel Document Organizer (you can get a zippered pouch on Amazon)

Driver’s License and Insurance Card Passports (if you are traveling abroad), Plane Tickets, Flight information and trip itinerary, Printout of Hotel with confirmation number, car rental agreement

Health Insurance Card

Birth Certificate

Travel journal (for writing your adventures in!) I like one that is unlined so you can sketch in

13. Marriage License:

Printout of online application

You can apply online before you make your way to Hawaii head over to the State’s website for more information. 

14. Electronics:

iphone, ipad, headphones, phone and chargers (and car charger), notebook if you need to get some work done.

15. Camera: 

Hawaii is the most photographed state in all of the USA remember to pack your memory cards too and a way to download them and back them up on the cloud each day (Dropbox or Amazon Photos).

16. Snacks:

Snacks (fresh fruit must be consumed before you deplane in Hawai’i)
Granola bars, cashews, chocolate, and peppermint essential oil
Water bottle

17. Wedding Bands:

And any other jewelry of value. I always pack this in my carry on

I hope this helps you with your packing and planning your trip to Hawaii. If you’re going to be doing some island hopping, pack lighter as you’ll be paying luggage fees and un-packing and packing for each jaunt. 

Plan your trip activities well in advance and send out activity schedule to your guests.

Confirm all your activities with each venue/activity (and bring the a printouts of the confirmation).

To download my this packing list for your Hawaii Wedding and honeymoon list get the guide by clicking here.



*links to products are affiliate links and I do receive a small commission when you click and purchase from them. Rest assured, these are products that I use personally and hence why I wanted to share them.


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